The Early Childhood Educator Preparation Innovation Grant: Lessons from Initial Implementation (2015-2)

Eric J. Lichtenberger, Brenda K. Klostermann, and Daniel Q. Duffy

In this implementation study we reveal the barriers to project-specific goal attainment and the catalysts that allowed the partnerships to meet their objectives. This research is informative for policy development specific to articulation agreements, current and future early childhood innovation grantees, as well as others attempting to build stronger and more authentic partnerships between community colleges and four-year institutions. More


The Geography of the New Teacher Pipeline (2015-1)

Eric J. Lichtenberger, Bradford R. White, and Karen J. DeAngelis

This study examines the geography of the teacher labor markets by tracking the distances between the teacher’s home area and college with the location of their first teaching position. This research is informative for teacher recruitment efforts, as well as for initiatives in Illinois to diversify the teacher pipeline. More


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Who Has Access to Dual Credit in Illinois? Examining High School Characteristics and Dual Credit Participation Rates (2013-4)

Jason L. Taylor and Eric J. Lichtenberger

This study looks at the distribution of access to dual credit around that state and takes into consideration several school-level characteristics. More


Use of the Illinois 5Essentials Survey Data (2014-2)

Brenda K. Klostermann, Bradford R. White, Eric J. Lichtenberger, and Janet K. Holt

This mixed-methods study examines how Illinois public school districts’ utilize the Illinois’ 5Essentials Survey and data. More


Outmigration and Human Capital: Homeward Bound or Gone for Good? (2014-1)

Eric J. Lichtenberger and Cecile Dietrich

The quasi-experimental study compares the Illinois-specific earnings and employment outcomes of outmigrants to those of an observationally equivalent group of students who enrolled at Illinois four-year colleges. More


The Student Has Become the Teacher: Tracking the Racial Diversity and Academic Composition of the Teacher Supply Pipeline (2013-3)

Bradford R. White, Karen J. DeAngelis, and Eric J. Lichtenberger

Examines how each stage in the pipeline from high school through college and initial teacher certification and employment affects the racial/ethnic and academic composition of those who enter the public school teacher corps in Illinois. More