Illinois Policy Inventory on Teaching and Learning (December 2002)

Jennifer B. Presley for the Governor's Council on Educator Quality

In December 2001, the Governor's Council on Educator Quality prepared its first report on teaching and learning in Illinois. It committed to updating the report annually. More


Assessment of Data Sources Relevant to the Supply and Quality of Illinois Primary and Secondary Educators (December 2002)

James M. Wilson

In November 2001 the Illinois Education Research Council received a grant from the Washington Mutual Foundation to assess the extent and usefulness of Illinois' data systems for the study of teacher supply and demand. More


The School Funding Gap: How Illinois Ranks (November 2002)

Jennifer B. Presley and Isis D. Randolph

This report extends the funding gap analysis for K-12 districts that was published by The Education Trust in August 2002. More


The Teacher Supply Pipeline in Illinois: Entrance Into and Exit From Teaching (October 2002)

This Policy Research Brief summarizes findings from several studies of the Illinois teacher supply pipeline. It describes current teacher shortages, and identifies opportunities to plug leaks in the teacher supply pipeline. More


Illinois Policy Inventory on Teaching and Learning (December 2001)

Jennifer B. Presley and Pamela J. Konkol for the Governor's Council on Educator Quality

As one of the partner states with the National Commission on Teaching & America's Future (NCTAF), Illinois formed a teacher quality policy advisory council. More


Paths To Teaching (IERC 2001-1)

John B. Lee, Suzanne B. Clery and Jennifer B. Presley

This report traces the early career patterns of teachers who graduated from college in 1993. More