Input Subject Diversity Enhances Early Grammatical Growth: Evidence from a Parent-Implemented Intervention (2016)

Pamela A. Hadley, Matthew Rispoli, Janet K. Holt, Theodora Papastratakos, Ning Hsu, Mary Kubalanza & Megan M. McKenna

 ... More

Using propensity score matching and a post-treatment adjustment to test the community college penalty assumption (2015)

Lichtenberger, E. J., & Dietrich, C.

The quasi-experimental study compares the rates of bachelor’s degree completion of community college transfer students to that of an observationally equivalent group of rising four-year college juniors. ... More

How the New Teacher Pipeline Affects the Racial/Ethnic, Gender, and Academic Composition of Illinois Teaching Corps. Success in High Needs Schools (2015)

White, B. R., DeAngelis, K. J., & Lichtenberger, E. J.

Examines how each stage in the pipeline from high school through college and initial teacher certification and employment affects the racial/ethnic and academic composition of those who enter the public school teacher corps in Illinois. ... More

Evaluation of the Performance Evaluation Reform Act: Interim Report (2014)

Anthony Milanowski, Jenna Aurand Scott, Jackson Miller, Matthew Finster, Mimi Doll, Holly Lewandowski, Denise Roseland, Bradford R. White, Rula Zaru, and Clarissa McKithen

This interim report addresses two overarching descriptive study questions that assess implementation of Illinois' Performance Evaluation Reform Act: 1. What did districts do in SY 2013-14 to implement PERA-compliant teacher and principal performance evaluation systems? 2. What are the perceptions of teachers, principals, and the evaluators about the evaluation systems? ... More

The growth of finiteness in the third year of life: Replication and predictive validity (2014)

Hadley, P., Rispoli, M., Holt, J. K., Fitzgerald, C., Bahsen, A.

The Tense and Agreement Productivity measure (Hadley & Short 2005), given to children between the ages of 2 and 3, was able to account for 55% of the variance in Test of Early Grammatical Impairment at 36 months. Developmental and theoretical implications are discussed. ... More

Dual credit/dual enrollment and data driven policy implementation: Reform initiatives and postsecondary enrollment outcomes (2014)

Lichtenberger, E. J., Witt, A., Blankenberger, R., & Franklin, D.

Examines the influence of dual-credit on a series of college enrollment outcomes, such as one’s likelihood of immediately enrolling at a four-year institution or a community college. ... More