Public School Funding and Postsecondary Outcomes in Illinois: What is Reasonable to Expect from Illinois’ School Funding Reforms?

Derek A. Houston, University of Oklahoma

This paper explores the relationships between differential public school funding across Illinois high schools and college readiness, enrollment, and compeltion. More


Incentivizing Diversity: Midwestern Performance Funding Policy and Diversity Indicators

Sosanya Jones, EdD

This report presents a multi-case study examining postsecondary performance funding policies in four Midwestern states and explores how each policy’s metrics and weights address racial diversity in higher education. More


Cornerstones of Student Success: Institutions Yielding High Return on Investment for Underserved Students

Janet K. Holt and Daniel Q. Duffy

This analysis of publicly available institutional data on graduation rates, earnings, student loan debt and loan default rates, the report ranks 55 public, nonprofit private, and for-profit private institutions in Illinois identifies the Top 7 for underserved students. More


Research Brief: Do High School Students Know Their Parents’ Income?

Drew M. Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Janet K. Holt, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

This brief investigates the financial knowledge of high students by comparing survey responses about parental income to more accurate data from the FAFSA. The study explores potential causes and consequences of this mismatch and implications for research using self-reported income. More


Advancing the Illinois Early Childhood Education Workforce: A Model College and Career Pathway (2017-3)

Stephanie A. Bernoteit, Janet K. Holt, and Amber Kirchhoff

This policy report, published by the IERC, in partnership with IBHE, details how this pathway model fits in the Illinois context, describes the rationale for its development, and importantly, concludes with recommendations for Illinois policymakers and state agencies, as well as for higher education institutions to continue to develop and advance the early childhood workforce in Illinois. More


Degrees with Less Debt: Effective Higher Education Strategies for Underrepresented Student Populations (2017-2)

Janet K. Holt, Bradford R. White, and Sarah K. Terrell

This study identifies five higher education institutions that were serving first-generation students, students of color, and low-income students by helping them to advance to graduation with less debt. From qualitative interviews with administrators and students, this report emphasizes the strategies and practices these institutions were employing to support underrepresented students to graduation. More