Current Projects

Partnership for Educator Preparation Survey

December 2016-May 2017

The Joyce Foundation

Bradford R. White

The IERC will work with the Illinois State Board of Education to develop, host, and analyze an online survey of PK-12 hiring managers and other administrators, school board members, and other education stakeholders to gather perceptions about the usefulness of reporting various district-level indicators regarding teacher characteristics, retention, and promotion. The survey findings will aid ISBE in developing prototype district-level reports for each Illinois school district.

Support for P-20 ESSA Feedback

September 2016-July 1, 2018

This study is supported by a grant from W. Clement & Jessie Stone Foundation

Janet K. Holt

The IERC will work with the Illinois P-20 Council subcommittees to oversee the process of coordinating their meetings. The IERC will work with Education First (outside facilitator) and ISBE to hold a series of meetings to agree on a process for providing input to ISBE, to discuss meeting priorities, and to review notes and discuss major takeaways. Also the IERC would be working with Education First, the P-20 Council subcommittee chairs, and the P-20 Council Chair to finalize the report from the Council to ISBE.

St. Louis Graduates Research Partner

April-August 2017

This study is supported by a grant from St. Louis Graduates

Janet K. Holt

As a research partner for the St. Louis Graduates project, the Illinois Education Research Council is conducting a research study for the St. Louis Graduates task force on higher education. By using institutional data and interviewing institutional personnel and students, the IERC will provide research that supports the task force’s goal of identifying the institutions which provide access and are successful at fostering completion for St. Louis graduates who are low-income, first-generation students and/or students of color. Further, this research will describe these institutions’ strategies for supporting these populations of students.

Early Childhood Innovation Zones Project

February-December 2016

This study is supported by a grant from Illinois Action for Children

Bradford R. White

The Illinois Education Research Council is conducting an evaluation of the early childhood Innovation Zones project. The project is being implemented in 11 high needs communities throughout the state with intervention support from Illinois Action For Children in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development as part of Illinois’ Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant. The Innovation Zones serve as laboratories for finding more effective ways of enrolling and serving children from priority populations and/or improving quality in early learning programs by using a community systems development approach.

IBHE Early Childhood EPPI Policy Report – Advancing the Early Childhood Workforce Through Stackable Credentials and Degrees

January 2016-December 2016

This study is supported by a grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education

Stephanie Bernoteit and Janet K. Holt (PI)

In this policy report, we describe both the national call for better early childhood educator preparation to create a more highly skilled workforce with the supporting research and how Illinois is addressing this call through its credentialing and degree pathway. We describe some recent developments in this work, made possible from the RttT Early Learning Challenge grant that advanced our thinking of how the early childhood workforce can be strengthened through a competency-based credentialing and degree pathway.

IBHE Early Childhood Monograph Project

January-December 2016

This study is supported by a grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education

Janet K. Holt

The Illinois Education Research Council and the Illinois Board of Higher Education co-published a monograph describing the programs and experiences of Early Childhood Educator grant recipients’ as they work to respond to regional and state educator and workforce preparation needs. The purpose of the monograph is to learn from the grant recipients “in their own voices” about their activities and partnerships between 2-year and 4-year higher education institutions to develop innovative programs to increase the success of early childhood candidates as they progress through the higher education pipeline into the workforce. Thirteen university partnerships of 2-year and 4-year faculty were chapter authors and wrote about their work to enhance the articulation of early childhood preparation and their specific focus areas. The monograph editors were Stephanie Bernoteit, Johnna Darragh Ernst and Nancy Latham. The IERC served as project manager for the publication of the monograph.

Early Childhood Educator Preparation Program Innovation (EPPI) Grant Promising Practices

August 2015-December 2016

This study is supported by a grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education

Janet K. Holt and Brenda K. Klostermann

The IERC conducted an in-depth study of eight Early Childhood Educator preparation program innovation (EPPI) grant recipients which include five sites that received a second year of EPPI funding and three other designated sites from IBHE with potentially innovative programs. Using a case-study approach, the IERC examined the promising practices that EPPI grant recipients are using to meet the goals set forth in their previous and current EPPI grants. The IERC determined what progress the EPPI grant recipients made in implementing their promising practice, paying particular attention to partnership activities; determine the challenges that the EPPI grant recipients are facing to successful implementation and how they are overcoming these challenges. The IERC also established policy recommendations for promising practices for future early childhood partnerships.