Cornerstones of Student Success: Institutions Yielding High Return on Investment for Underserved Students

Janet K. Holt and Daniel Q. Duffy

This analysis of publicly available institutional data on graduation rates, earnings, student loan debt and loan default rates, the report ranks 55 public, nonprofit private, and for-profit private institutions in Illinois identifies the Top 7 for underserved students. This is the second in a series of reports on underserved students that she has led at the IERC. The first report, Degrees with Less Debt, identified five Missouri institutions that were graduating underrepresented students with less debt and analyzed the strategies the institutions are using to accomplish this. Together, these two reports put the focus on institutions that are admitting a fair number of low-income students and helping them graduate and gain employment with less debt. These reports highlight universities are doing an excellent job of serving students who have traditionally been under-served.