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IERC Publication: Research Brief: Do High School Students Know Their Parents’ Income?

Drew M. Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Janet K. Holt, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

This brief investigates the financial knowledge of high students by comparing survey responses about parental income to more accurate data from the FAFSA. The study explores potential causes and consequences of this mismatch and implications for research using self-reported income.  More


Research Brief

Other Publication: How the New Teacher Pipeline Affects the Racial/Ethnic, Gender, and Academic Composition of Illinois Teaching Corps. Success in High Needs Schools (2015)

White, B. R., DeAngelis, K. J., & Lichtenberger, E. J.

Examines how each stage in the pipeline from high school through college and initial teacher certification and employment affects the racial/ethnic and academic composition of those who enter the public school teacher corps in Illinois.  More

IERC Presentation: High School Students’ Knowledge of Parental Income and Implications for Planning how to Finance College

Drew M. Anderson and Janet K. Holt

In an attempt to understand student’s financial literacy relevant to FAFSA filing, we examine the accuracy of high school students’ knowledge about parental income and explore potential consequences of inaccuracy.  More

IERC Presentation: Variation in the Impact of High School Environment on College Applications

Drew M. Anderson and Janet K. Holt

We find that there is a substantial high school effect on FAFSA filing, equivalent in size to the effect of ACT scores. We explore high school factors that account for this effect.  More


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Other Publication: Dual credit/dual enrollment and data driven policy implementation: Reform initiatives and postsecondary enrollment outcomes (2014)

Lichtenberger, E. J., Witt, A., Blankenberger, R., & Franklin, D.

Examines the influence of dual-credit on a series of college enrollment outcomes, such as one’s likelihood of immediately enrolling at a four-year institution or a community college.  More

Other Publication: Do Principal and Teacher Qualifications Influence Different Types of School Growth Trajectories in Illinois? A Growth Mixture Model Analysis (2014)

Bowers, A. J., & White, B. R.

This paper using growth mixture modeling to examine the independent effects of principal background, training and experience as well as teacher academic qualifications on school proficiency growth through time. The study is one of the first to examine statistically different proficiency growth trajectories using an entire state-wide data set over a long-term timeframe.  More

Other Publication: The Changing Distribution of Teacher Qualifications Across Schools: A Statewide Perspective Post-NCLB (November 2010)

Karen J. DeAngelis, Bradford R. White, and Jennifer B. Presley

In this study, we use population data on teachers and schools in Illinois to examine changes in the level and distribution of teacher qualifications from 2001 to 2006.   More


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IERC Publication: Who Has Access to Dual Credit in Illinois? Examining High School Characteristics and Dual Credit Participation Rates (2013-4)

Jason L. Taylor and Eric J. Lichtenberger

This study looks at the distribution of access to dual credit around that state and takes into consideration several school-level characteristics.  More


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IERC Presentation: Laboratories of reform? Human Resource Management in Illinois Charter Schools

Bradford R. White

This research study was presented during the poster session at the Association for Education Finance and Policy 41st Annual Conference in Denver, CO March 17-19, 2016. The project describes how charter schools recruit, develop, and retain teachers and explores the relationships between HR management strategies, school characteristics, and school outcomes.   More


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IERC Publication: Use of the Illinois 5Essentials Survey Data (2014-2)

Brenda K. Klostermann, Bradford R. White, Eric J. Lichtenberger, and Janet K. Holt

This mixed-methods study examines how Illinois public school districts’ utilize the Illinois’ 5Essentials Survey and data.  More


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